Monday, 18 January 2010

WED 13 JAN 2010

Today was the first session of the Ma creative entrepreneurship. I feel today was very productive, allowing the scene, to be set. The surroundings suggested and the environment considered. I am already excited about the proposition, of being able to collaboratively design the private study space the chance to consider identity as a group. Through reading wikinomics, this week it suggests that collaboration is the key.

On the cards this week; I have been invited to re-visit the events that I ran in the college during last year. 'Bring Your Own Biro II' is on the agenda and possibly some new collaborations with some of the staff at Plymouth College of Art, New developments are to research the possibilities of running my events and look into producing publications on the back of it continuing the legacy. The intention this year is to produce a year-long show real working on facilitating artists and action groups within the city. As a result hopefully producing a colourful future for events based art in Plymouth.

objectives for MA creative Entrepreneurship

My Name is William Leonard Amery and I am studying on The Ma in Creative entrepreneurship at Plymouth College of Art. This Blog will form the foundations of my two years. The reflective journal will asses my internal skill set and my internal set of attributes. Developing, critically, my core research and practical skills along with a social awareness of the business landscape. Each post will directly link to our weekly sessions and develop a network and conversation around these topics. I intend to invite critical analysis on my featured themes. The blog will also track and map out my journey, and growth as an entrepreneur.

With '', I will represent the public elements, and publish this journey also challenging the notions of the boundaries between virtual and real. How we share, what we keep private and the mechanics of social networking are the underlining issues I'm concerned in.

'williamreflects', will also feature a comprehensive record of my events and my work as an artist in Plymouth. The challenges and successes will appear on the same plain as a raw approach to hierarchy.