Thursday, 26 November 2009

Control Point Plymouth

21 November – 10 January 2009

Plymouth Arts Centre has invited artists Sovay Berriman and Steven Paige to curate an exhibition concerning artist-led practice.

The exhibition includes information from artist-led organisations including Royal Standard, Spike Associates, Back Lane West, X-Panel, The Western Alliance, Low Profile, View Point Gallery, Performance Re-Enactment Society, Gloria and Alias.

The galleries will become an information hub about artists operating and active in the city of Plymouth and the UK, presenting the hidden processes of the artist’s studio. Control Point offers artists and audiences an opportunity to consider and examine how to accomplish significance and arm themselves with skills for artistic survival in the current climate, through workshops and talks in the galleries. The imagination and importance of artists’ practice is being laid open for all to experience.

The importance of artist-run practice is that it responds to change, being flexible enough to adapt and react to dominant political or cultural trends (whether for or against it). This has ensured that these spaces have maintained a key position in the mechanisms of the art world.

Steven Paige is an exhibiting UK-based artist, who co-runs a new artist-led space, Back Lane West, in the South West. He has recently completed a digital commission for The Reading Room at Arnolfini.

Sovay Berriman’s studio practice incorporates objects, drawings and texts and an interest in science fiction, gothic literature, and survival. Sovay is also involved in the curation of collaborative projects such as Art + Writing, a programme of seminars at Spike Island, Bristol.

For more information and updates visit

Art Spaces Totnes Exhibition

I was invited to be part of the bright newcomers show at art spaces in Totnes I have three pieces in the show, all of which are for sale . A small piece called language barriers ( one of my favorite paintings) along with untitled 1 and No More Hero's are on show until next month so get yourself up there and take a look.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Lucy Orta 70x 7 Meal, act XXXI

On the 31st of October the day begins with a visit to the Art College to collect the illustrations for the Meal. the kitchen is very much in progress and Justin and Caroline (Chef and Forager) are hard at work. we have the table plan and all to now is make it all happen, Along with Anne-Marie, Jo, myself and James and a few others we laid the room and prepared for an evening of self sufficiency and reduced carbon Foot print.

Apple Pressing in Efford

on Friday 30th October the people of Efford and various volunteers from around the city picked and pressed apples to make the wonderfully organic juice for the Lucy Orta 70x7 (The meal act xxxi 2009) the project was commisioned by Groundwork South West.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Nom De Strip

Nom De Strip Magazine is availible either through many retailers throughout the city if you would like to reserve a copy email me on, or A list of Stockists will follow shortly watch this space.

New Giro De Janner T-Shirts

Giro de Janner Hall of Fame

Below is a slide show of all the Photos Taken on the day of the event, If anybody would like a copy of any of the images, they are available via email,, also if anybody has any other photos from the day feel free to email them across to this address.

To see Photos in High Resolution Visit,

Velo Club Plymouth launches Nom De Strip at the Giro De Janner.

Hey girls and guys, thanks very much for your support! A really fun day had by all, including the race home afterwards – won by Jim on a Peugeot shopping bike (he hadn’t cycled the event though).

We’re now on the case sorting out the next event, perhaps a Christmas treasure hunt, let us know if you have any ideas.

Thanks again to all those who helped make it a successful day, Cafe Roma, Dartmoor Brewery and Urban Splash.

Take it easy

VCP/ NDS(Magazine)

Thursday, 17 September 2009

RA magazine

This Week I appeared in the listings of the Royal Academy Magazine (RA) However Wrong name and title. The piece is by William Amery and is called Purple Haze.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Follow This One

Giro Di Janner

Plymouth’s first bike rally is about to hit the street. Giro Di Janner is going to be a mild test of endurance and navigation served up with a large dose of fun!

The route has been chosen, the after party venue is being recced – all you need to do is bring a bike, helmet and a sense of adventure.

The event will take place on Sun 27th of Sept meeting at a yet to be announced location, follow the stage by stage route to the grand finale. We are limited to 150 places so first come first served on the day, but feel free to register interest on the Blog.

Nom De Strip (new magazine)

The launch for the magazine is on the horizon. The first issue will feature writers, photographers, artists and designers as an attempt to boost the cultural status of Plymouth. The aim of the magazine is to bring together many existing organisations and produce a co-operative where the public can view shows and take part in the critical debate of Plymouth's future. The magazine will be on sale from select retailers at a £1. A list of retailers will follow shortly and main website for nom de strip will be up and running shortly. The first issue is being designed by, and will form a series of beautiful collectible, limited run magazines, for you plymothians to get your hands on..
Keep Watching this space..

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Duchy Sqaure Princetown Dartmoor

Starting on the 1st of August and running for a month the Duchy Square First Steps Exhibition showcases some of the best graduate work from Plymouth 2009. The show has taken work from Plymouth College of Art and from the University of Plymouth and produced a multidisciplinary show which aims at entertaining all . The show was my first opportunity to curate a collection and now it's like a bug. If anyone needs any assistance with an exhibition be it to curate of for technical assistance I'm always available

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Not The Avant Garde 2009

A short video of Not The Avant Gardes first event which was held earlier this year , enjoy!

Bring your own Biro 3

Take a Note Pad And Biro And Follow The Instructions Below:

1. Using Your Biro Draw a Biro.
2. Write/Draw Your worst Fear.
3. Invent Something.
4. A portrait.
5. List 3 things you always carry.
6. A message.
7. A memory.
8. A mundane object.
9. An instruction.
10. Pick a part of your life and instruct me on how to do it.
11. Instruct me something you have always wanted to do.
12. Instruct me how to use your mundane object.
13. Create a map of somewhere you have been.