Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Structure Near Completion

Final object with vinyl cut out design
Making the dream come true.

A few pics of work so far on the Flat Pack theme..

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Book in progress, A gentleman's guide to viewing art. should be bound and published by the end of the week. will post photos soon...

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Flat Pack Continued

Flat Pack is body of work based around my fascination with instruction, the idea that I can make people interact with my work, be involved with the processes of it's construction and it's use led me to the idea of Flat Pack. The idea was born out of a Readers Digest Guide, on how to repair everything !, and an upbringing in an IKEA obsessed home. My background is painting , however i have an overwhelming love of product design and specifically furniture design. The idea of instruction and forced action has developed a bond between these two elements. My interest in the presentation and the curation of work will also play a key role in the final presentation of this work. The work will take the form of a gentleman's guide to viewing art, which will draw homage to slightly chauvinistic slant, that so many of the instructional self help guides i have been collecting have. A series of viewing stations will support the guide, in the form of staircases, ramps and various plinths designed to enhance the viewing of my work. As a suggestion of voyeurism I will also construct staircases at the base of very large walls and dominantly near secret organisations. An element of irony and challenge will support my work as I attempt to change the rules.